The Dance of Energies

Beautiful sunsets and scenery, flying fish, turquoise sea’s, extraordinary relationships; this is what fills the pages of Chantal’s diary over 5 years until the day where the dream became a nightmare.

The disease arrives by surprise and without warning! Starting with painful wake-ups, visits to the doctor and black thoughts. Months pass until that very special morning when her inner voice orders her to draw her desease.

It is through mandalas (drawings) inspired from the deepest part of her soul that the curing process starts.
The illness leaves her body and in it’s place is serenity, the joy and love of life.  She feels the need of helping others through her drawings, enabling them to find the inner peace both for their physical body and spiritual soul.

Her mandalas are drawn on meditation and coloured by coloured pencils (Caran d’ache) and Indian ink.

She draws customized mandalas based on personal energies, life stories, healing emotions, etc.